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Category - 1. Define

I need to be able to describe my company quickly, roughly the time it takes for an elevator ride.
Many people can be a source of inspiration and advice for my company. These could be thought leaders, artists or sportsmen.
It requires certain specific competences to develop an idea into a business...
The average age for an entrepreneur to become successful is 39. For a girlband 17 is better than 70.
Many people let themselves be discouraged by what they don't have or can't do.
Entrepreneurship is about taking risks and making mistakes.
What does success for you look like?
Some companies have a mascot or a company character. Like Mickey for Disneyland, or George Clooney for Nespresso.
There could be many reasons for me to become an entrepreneur such as to become independent or help people.
At the bank they all wear ties. At Nike they all wear sneakers.