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Category - 5. Deliver

It's important to keep original goals in mind and frequently validate whether I am moving into the direction I had planned for.
The essence of Japanese 'kanban' system is to limit the number of tasks being executed in parallel. Only when one task is finished I can start a new one.
With an A/B test one variety of my product or service is presented to group A and a second to group B. Then I check for different results between the two.
Rome was not built in one day. Rather than doing everything at once, I order my plans in steps towards my goal.
Before I start investing money it is smart to validate my assumptions about market potential once more.
Demographic changes and trends impact my business. I need to be able to adapt to this.
Cradle-to-cradle, reducing CO2 emissions and green energy are important environmental challenges.
With more competitors it will be difficult to compete and keep prices and margins high.
Specific grants, subsidies and loans can provide financial relief to my company.
Angel investors are willing to take a chance and invest in my project, because they believe me.