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Category - 3. Design

It’s extremely valuable to capture other people’s views in the development of my product and service.
When I make assumptions about my customer, I risk projecting my own personal needs on them.
Did you know that 90% of paperclips are not used what they are designed for?
It is important to make my customer believe there is real value in buying my solution.
I should consider the impact of external factors or unexpected changes on my business.
A picture can do more than a thousand words. Showing what my customers experience is a great way of getting feedback to understand the real issue.
I want to have a clear idea what my brand should and should not be like. Is it more like Apple or Microsoft? Red Bull or red wine?
Fishing for customers with the same fishing rod, in the same pond can be difficult.
Setting time limits for different steps of the process helps constantly put focus on the Right things to do.
Analogies can help me gain understanding about certain features of my product or service.