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Category - 4. Develop

Time and money are always scarce. I will have to make tough choices in what I develop.
Distinguish between things that are ‘need to have’ and ‘nice to have’.
With a prototype people will better understand what I mean. No matter if it’s made from paper, clay, wood or else.
Developing in fixed periods called ‘sprints’ helps checking progress and learnings, and it helps deciding on the next step to take.
I may have several types of customers in mind for my business model.
When developing ideas, try not to use ‘but’. Instead trigger building on the previous idea with ‘and’.
It is great if my solution is known with the crowd for a certain name or identity.
My customers can be consumers (B2C) or companies (B2B).
I have started with an idea. Everything seems possible and the whole world is at my feet. But there will be times when I am down and ready to give up.
Even entrepreneurs have to comply with the law.