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Category - 6. Drive

A simple way to talk to customers or partners is via trade shows, conferences and business fairs.
There are different ways to lead a team. For example like a general, a sportscoach or a manager.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are important measures for performance. For a shop the KPI's might be number of customers in store or money spent per customer.
Brand values help me and my team in our product development. Examples of Brand values are: reliability, innovative, service-minded, quality, cheap.
Large media campaigns are still a very effective way to create credibility and attention for your product or service.
Social media are effective in reaching large audiences, based on location, interest and demographics. The most effective campaigns are viral.
Online campaigns are effective in reaching large audiences, based on search. People search for solutions through certain keywords.
Many successful companies have used a slogan to be remembered more easily: I'm Lovin' it, What Else?, Connecting people.
Free publicity is great to create attention, without having to pay for it.
Instead of desperately trying myself, I can also use a famous person to endorse my solution.